PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTING is conducted by our Occupational Health Nurses and Pulmonary Function Technicians onsite at your facility for convenience. The test typically takes 20 min to complete and involves a medical questionnaire, height, weight and blood pressure assessment as well as a breathing manoeuvre.

Employees are asked not to have a large meal, or a cigarette or any vasodilators 1 hour prior to the test. Being that the test also involves forced expiration, some conditions such as a recent stroke or heart attack, cataract or abdominal surgeries, as well as high blood pressure may be contraindicated to testing.

Pulmonary function testing is a requirement under Alberta OH&S Code if workers are exposed to silica, asbestos or lead in the workplace.

Reference: https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/18cab3a0-444a-4303-95ce-3d8d2b1e61c3/resource/383ac443-24a4-477b-8be1-92c1a5eb7c7e/download/whs-pub-ch059.pdf

For more information regarding pulmonary function testing or other services pertaining to respiratory health, please call 1-587-597-8378.